How do I ask questions on Businesspedia?

Businesspedia was developed as a mentoring tool. Using it is as simple and intuitive as having a conversation.

Estapa 1 - Como funciona BusinessPedia
After you have completed your registration, you can start asking your questions as soon as you login.
Estapa 2 - Como funciona BusinessPedia
Before you ask your first questionyou will be asked to fill in a form about your business. The purpose of the form is to give the mentor more information since, without it, the answer will not consider all the aspects of the scenario. Take your time filling it out because, like a conversation, the more complete the question, the clearer and more concise the answer.
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You will then choose your preferred payment option and include your payment details. This step will only happen when your question is ready to be sent.
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NoteIf the mentor needs more information about your query and/or company, you will receive an email and an alert in the platform that requires a response from you. This process will not prompt the payment process since the answer has not yet been delivered. This is to make sure the mentoring is as targeted and complete as possible.
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When the mentor has answered your question and the payment has been made, you will be alerted that the answer is ready and waiting for you. Simply login to the website and read your mentoring answer in the chat of the question.
How do
I ask more questions?

Login and click on “Ask your question here.” After your second question has been answered, there is no need to fill in the business form again because it will be saved in your profile, where it can be accessed by the mentors. If you, however, have changed direction or have new information that needs to be included, simply go to “my business” to update your details.

Can I reread
my questions?

Your question history is saved on our site so it can be referred to at any time. In the side menu of your dashboard, click on “My Mentoring” and check your chats, starting from the most recent.