What is Businesspedia?

Businesspedia is a digital mentoring platform in which highly experienced and seasoned professionals share their point of view and knowledge with entrepreneurs who have less experience and/or are looking for help and answers to their business questions.


We aim to offer a fast-paced solution for easy access mentoring. Fully digital, the mentoring offered by Businesspedia revolutionizes the model by simplifying the process into a direct and objective question and answer format.

How does it work?

Sobre - BusinesPedia

Since experience is our biggest asset, Businesspedia has a highly qualified mentoring team. All the mentors have held senior positions as CEOs and directors in large local and multinational companies. The profile of excellence of these professionals underpins our business focus: answers based on know-how.

Sobre - BusinesPedia

In markets that have become increasingly more competitive and complex, it becomes essential for startup founders and professionals in the corporate universe to build bridges and find answers by relying on the experience and the opinion of professionals with an unrivalled background.

Sobre - BusinesPedia

Realities with with exponential acceleration and a vast array of options add multiple variables to the decision-making process; therefore, having a critical and experienced eye at your side is priceless. Whether it is to see the overlooked obvious or to shed a light on potential paths, Businesspedia revolutionizes access to corporate experience.